Science Bounty System is a global, decentralized marketplace for paying scientists to perform scientific due diligence.


Institutions (governments, grant-making foundations, and private companies) will fund Bounties on isolated, already-published journal articles and currently active studies.

Deconstruction Bounties

Given a study, have independent expert researchers with relevant experience comb through it to evaluate methods and bias

Construction Bounties

Given a study and Deconstruction Bounty Report, have (different) independent expert researchers construct a solid experiment to test the original hypothesis

Reproduction Bounties

Given a Construction Bounty Report and a complete experimental design, have multiple independent labs perform the experiment and report results

Through this mechanism Bounty funders can:


By leveraging (and compensating) the global academic community dedicated to Truth-seeking, we aim to realign economic and social incentives in the production of knowledge to reward good actors, punish bad actors, and allow all parties to make sound decisions around the use and application of science.

By reducing friction to and increasing the likelihood of uncovering flawed science, we aim to tighten the feedback loop on knowledge production for the benefit of the world.