Science Bounty System

52% of published scientific research studies are difficult or impossible to reproduce on subsequent investigation. Help us fix that.

About Us

Science Bounty System is a global, decentralized marketplace that pays scientists to reproduce and fact-check other scientists’ work.

Who Benefits?

Our goal is to improve the scientific ecosystem for all parties involved. We believe that reproducibility is critical for maintaining trust in the community.


With Science Bounties, you'll be able to generate additional income by confirming or refuting others' already-published and peer-reviewed science. If you’re good, you may never have to fill out another grant application! Unless, of course, you actually have an idea that will change the course of science. The rest of us will just make sure you are correct.

Grant Makers

The primary source of basic science research grant funding is institutional. This includes governments, grant-making foundations, and private companies’ R&D budget. Institutions will be able create Science Bounties on isolated, already-published journal articles and currently active studies.


We expect to retain a percentage of each bounty created on our platform. Due to the size of the scientific grant making market (well over a $trillion globally), we believe we are at the forefront of a tremendous opportunity and a turning point in the nature of scientific research.


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